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Social Business Lessons from IBM 

Insights from IBM: Bridget van Kralingen, leader of Global Business Services at IBM anticipates overwhelming change with social business. Among other examples, she discusses how Cemex, the cement maker, pursued global innovation with 20,000 employees.

Bridget summaries some insightful ‘take away’s’ for making social business a reality… 

1) Find a business outcome to go after not just any old experiments.  Often a good place to look is the ‘seams’ of an organisation where people come together, there is natural energy source, and they have challenges they want to solve.   

2) Technology and business are fusing together to make a real partnership so a fusion of those skills is key within employees - organisations will need people who can work in both worlds in terms of both vision and execution

3) Governance and risk management are vital.   People must be educated in the risks and responsibilities associated.  The more you think through it the more you can de-risk it. 

4) Businesses are changing the way the organisations interact.  Working to increase the listening, the problem solving and the reflection capability.   You have to drive the change in the same ways as you want the outcome to occur. By listening, collaborative problem solving and continuously learning.  

This is a fantastic video and 19 minutes well spent. 

Thanks to the emergent futures blog - I recommend you check it out too.   

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