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Silent witness? 

This latest viral clip promoting a movie asks - what would you do if you walked in on an attempted murder? 

Would you would say if I told you we are all likely a witness to manslaughter?  

Every time we walk past dysfunctional behaviour in the workplace we are condemning that person to the increased chances of a heart attack!  

Bad management is not only killing our economy but it’s killing us! And the science backs it up.

Perhaps you are one of the 18% who trusts their manager?  

But for the majority the lack of trust, consideration for you as an individual, the lack of clarity about your goals and role expectations, the lack of information and feedback, the ridiculous hoops you have to jump through to bring about change, and the lack of encouragement of your real participation and self direction are all are literally killing you!  (The elements listed were what were included in the research) 

It is also possible that it is damaging your ability to sustain healthy relationships and even negatively impacting the behavior of your children.  

I first heard about all this through Kevin Kruse infographic and word is getting around! I heard David MacLeod say recently: 

"You up the odds of a heart attack by 30% if you have been managed for a long time by a poor manage.  Leave aside profit and success, its a huge responsibility to bear when you manage people”

I have personally witnessed the negative impact on the health and well-being of an individual with a series of bad managers.  I can tell you it  was very painful to see the damage it had caused. 

It is easy to tell ourselves ‘I’m sure its not all that bad”, or “It’s not really my place to say anything” or maybe we even acknowledge it “I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes” but how often do we actually DO something?   

I am not suggesting that managers should be hit over the head with a handbag or any other implement!  Far from it, they themselves need the support and skills to be engaging managers.

To help prevent the perpetual cycle of unhealthy behaviours impacting the health of people at work we also need to  support the development of new skills for all people such as the ability to challenge - without creating conflict, the emotional intelligence to give and recieve feedback effectively, developing resilience… and probably a whole lot of other skills! 

Watching this clip gave me shivers up my spine as I realised, currently the office is just as dangerous a place to be as the movies….

If we lovingly hold each other to higher standards when it comes to how we interact with each other and behave at work, then we might have half a chance! 

This is a thread of thought that has been sitting with me for a while, provoked by a number of things including the book I am currently reading Never Mind the Bosses by Robin Ryde and a blog post by Phil Whiteley  and subsequent conversation thread on LinkedIn

Do you have a perspective or point of view?  Do you have something to add to the conversation?  We are considering meeting up to take these thoughts on further so if you are interested in joining in - do let me know!